Who we are  

 NEPSON Industrial  CO., LTD.is an innovative company brings energy efficient lighting solutions by utilizing the power of LED.

Vision & Mission

The world in the 21st Century will be one dominated by LED lighting. This is the core belief on which NPS LED LIGHTING was founded.

What we do 

We represent the industry leaders in LED lighting indoors, outdoors, signage, street lights, architectural accents and garden lighting. We are allied with the major semi-conductor manufacturers to bring the best in class LED lighting products to the market.

Why LED 

1. Low energy consumption – retrofit bulbs range from 0.83 to 7.3 Watts

2. Long service life – LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours

3. Durable – LED bulbs are resistant to thermal and vibrational shocks and turn on instantly from -40C° to 185C°

4. Directional distribution of light – good for interior task lighting

5. No infrared or ultraviolet radiation – excellent for outdoor use because UV light attracts bugs

6. Safety and environmentally conscious – LEDs contain no mercury and remain cool to the touch

7. Fully dimmable – LEDs do not change their color tint when dimmed unlike incandescent lamps that turn yellow

8. No frequency interference – no ballast to interfere with radio and television signals

9. Range of color – LEDs can be manufactured produce all colors of the spectrum without filters.